Traditional Adobe Houses for Rental

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The Orange Grove, Luxor consists of two traditional mud brick (adobe) Nubian style Houses located on the East Bank of the historic City of Luxor, Egypt.

River Nile Garden Luxor The Orange Grove,Luxor

The Orange Grove is perfect for those looking for a peaceful self catering holiday in a typical Upper Egyptian Rural community. The Orange Grove is approximately 20 minutes drive from Luxor International Airport near Kings Island (formerly Crocodile Island) on Luxor's East Bank and only 10 minutes drive from Luxor Temple. The Ancient Sites of the West Bank are a short taxi ride away.  

The location of The Orange Grove is close to the Maritim/Movenpick Resort considered one of the best in Luxor for Birdwatching. Birds such as the Hoopoe, Nile Valley Sunbird and Little Green Bee-eater etc can be seen here on a daily basis.


The Orange Grove is perfect for those wanting a more tranquil alternative to the City centre and requiring more outdoor space than a flat/apartment can provide. The Orange Grove is also perfect for birdwatchers and lone women travellers. As both houses are set at ground level there are no stairs to climb which can make it suitable for those with mobility issues.


Orange grove luxor terrace 


 Both houses/apartments have their own Terrace overlooking the communal garden which has more than 100 young trees such as Banana, Papaya, Olive, Mango, Peach, Date Palms, Fig and of course, Orange. Enjoy the scent of lemons, jasmine and hibiscus as you wander through the gardens.


papaya luxor tree

The Houses have a garden view however there is a small seating area overlooking a branch of the Nile where the Theban Hills can be seen in the distance.

We are a small, family run and live in the main family house in the grounds which means that we are available 24 hours a day for any help that you may require.


doum fruit palm tent material 


This area is very popular for those that want to be on the East Bank for the Temples, Shops and Restaurants yet want a more peaceful location that the city centre can offer. The Orange Grove is very unique as there are very few  Self catering apartments here on the East Bank of Luxor with a garden and indeed access to the Nile. 

lamps luxor orange grove     

 Luxor, the Ancient City of Thebes is known as the "Largest Open Air Museum in the World". Key sites include Luxor and Karnak Temple, The Valley of the Kings and Queens and Medinet Habu to name but a few.


Donkey fellah Luxor 


We also find modern day Luxor fascinating. Rural life has remained unchanged for  hundred of years, yet it is not unusual to see a Fellah (Farmer) on his donkey whilst talking on his mobile phone. The simplistic way of life in rural Upper Egypt and the warmth of the local people is something that you will take home with you



Donkey fellah uxor



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